Gemini Exclusive

About us

As well as managing our original line, we also started an exclusive one since 2018 focusing on the uniqueness and exclusiveness of the stones and material used to create a one of a kind bracelet.

Made in Belgium

Designed in Antwerp

Each bracelet is designed by our team. We ask clients and jewellers for input to finish each one to perfection.

Our designs should fit the outfit of modern, classy men worldwide. Only the colour pattern of the stone is something we cannot change...this is Mother Nature's work!

Exclusive stones

From all corners of the world

The gemstones are ultra-rare and are sourced from all corners of the world. And each one has a specific meaning.

Each bracelet will vary slightly in color and pattern. That's why each bracelet is numbered individually and comes with a gemstone certificate in the shape of a QR code.

Social business

Look good whilst doing good

Did you know that each bracelet is assembled in social business projects in Belgium where we employ people with a physical or mental disability?

Some people think that quality and social business cannot be combined. They are wrong! At Gemini, we truly believe that we can make great products and at the same time do good for society. Need more info? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Worn by Exclusive men worldwide

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